Cookery Demonstrations

Claudio Bincoletto


Claudio Bincoletto – Italian Chef and Forager – Part of article written in the Telegraph about Claudio Claudio Bincoletto moves like a sprite through the woodland. One moment he’s snuffling around the base of an oak tree, the next staring up into the sky. “If you look into the high-vy,” he says, his Italian accent coining a word as he points upwards at the dark green ivy creeper wrapped around the dying trunk of a tree. “Can you see?” We gaze up at a large fungus growing like a shelf out of the tree. “That’s a bracket mushroom. They grow around the tree like a collar. Sometimes you get very old ones, with age rings for each year of their life, and eventually they can kill the tree. When they’re that colour it means they’re nice and plump. But I don’t think we’ll risk climbing up there.” “He’s like a magician really,” says the cook Skye Gyngell, who’s joined us on this wander through the fields and woods behind her restaurant at Petersham Nurseries. “He just turns up sometimes, and he has this coat and he opens it up and it’s full of stuff – he digs his hands in his pockets and out comes horseradish one day, truffles another.






Julie Foster


Julie Foster is a Suffolk mother and business woman Julie Foster lives in Suffolk near Woodbridge and is a busy Mum of two. She started her career with the National Trust and designed a herb garden themed stand for Chelsea flower Show. She lectured and wrote for the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Good Housekeeping and been featured by Country Living and Country File as a rural entrepreneur. In her spare time she enjoys sharing her love of the natural world including foraging as a workshop leader for the National Trust.





Torte Cake Art


We are two brothers - Artak and Arsen Poghosyan, twins originally from Yerevan, Armenia, with a great passion for baking. We have been creating cakes since the 1980s. Our expertise has now developed into cake designing and sculpting, with our focus set firmly on YOU. Our customers' specifications, and the specifications of a particular event, are our Number One Priority. Through our creativity and dedication we create Cake Art, using the highest quality ingredients.We make bespoke cakes for any celebration: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, business events and festivals, in any shape and size, from fancy cupcakes to elaborate multi-tiered custom cakes.









Bethany Foster


Julie Foster and Bethany FosterThe Suffolk Forager and daughter Julie and Bethany are from the beautiful village of Newbourne in Suffolk, famous for its springs and a superb farm shop. Julie is a keen forager and is a keen cook with a passion for local ingredients. Bethany, aged 13, is a pupil at Ipswich High School for girls and loves "special occasion cooking" (...the other six days she leaves to Mum!) Bethany thinks that cooking is a fun activity and she particularly likes being creative with the colour and contrasting flavours of food.